Better Healthcare with GoogleGlass

I recently had the chance to watch GoogleGlass project, Mr.Babak Parviz, giving a presentation at FutureMed/Singularity University, as part of the curriculum for this amazing program on the intersection of Healthcare, Technology and Futurism.

While wearing the glasses, he provided us with a live demonstration of their capabilities. It was just a glimpse of what they could do, and I tell you, it was plain AMAZING!

Since I’m always thinking on ways to innovate with mHealth, and how to bring new ideas for the use of existing technologies, for me, one of the striking features of he device, was the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, thru a synchronous audio-video interaction. This video is self explanatory . The platform allows the user to merge with the virtual world, basically connecting the “real” world and and the web.

We can only dream of what instant crowd-sourcing, omni-access to the world’s knowledge and omni-presence could do to improve healthcare delivery, making it more efficient, less error prone and hence safer, and less expensive. It could also give the user access to AI platforms that in the near future will play a pivotal role in optimizing medical decision making.

Now, I imagine the glasses as a common healthcare tool. Wearing them at the hospital,all day long; during my rounds to check the patients. Enter someone’s room, having the glass “face-recognition” the person, immediately getting a display of their current medical data and history if needed.Checking lab results, pathology reports or radiologic images….right in front of my eyes (or my eye!). I could swiftly order new tests or procedures, call-in a consultant for a video chat, or even give an update to a family member if requested by the patient or POA (Power of Attorney).

If in the OR, I could consult anyone or check any data that could help me perform a better, safer surgery. I could take a picture of a lesion or tumor, and maybe have a pathologist or colleague give me an opinion or just plain advice. I could update the relatives in the waiting room and even stream pics or video to them.

I see myself streaming live video or photos during surgery..( obviously in a secure network!).For instance, operating on a child, and, just with my voice, connect with the kid’s parents, and letting them see, for example, what he appendix looks like..! What a powerful resource to keep them informed and decrease their stress level and anxiety.

From anywhere, I could be contacted and then connect to anyone requesting my expertise, without time or geographic barriers (watch TEDx “iPodTeletrauma, the $229 130 million sq. ft. Trauma Room, in your pocket” at )

I believe that the potential of a tool like this is only limited by our imagination. Thanks to Google for that.

19 thoughts on “Better Healthcare with GoogleGlass

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  2. Inspiring post! Thanks for the rundown and what might be possible with Google Glass. I wonder how long it will take to become “mainstream” in pockets of healthcare. Could be a while. But this is something that would really be fun to be on the leading edge with.

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