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My Twitter handle is @ZGJR and that’s the best way to contact me.

I encourage you to browse my posts, especially the one from August 28th, 2014, where I have listed and linked all the TEDx talks that I have given over the last 4 years, related to Innovation Tehnology in Healthcare and Medical Education.

I’m a General and Trauma Surgeon, Google Glass Explorer and mHealth-Telemedicine Innovator..
I especialize in the wide spectrum of General, Trauma, Acute Care and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery.
My focus and passion is in the convergence of Innovation-Technology, Futurism and Healthcare Social Media (HCSM) to improve Healthcare delivery.I’m a graduate of Singularity University/ FutureMed-Exponential Medicine program in 2013,  and know that the exponential development of technology and its smart use, will profoundly, positively impact our Health and our world in ways that are difficult to even imagine.

I firmly believe that Telemedicine, m-Health technology and Healthcare Social media will, very soon,completely redefine the way in which healthcare is delivered. Innovation in the application of remote presence to provide medical care, will cause a complete disruption of paradigms and allow for a much better system.

I’ve delivered multiple lectures and Keynote presentations related to this field, including  several TEDx talks (TEDxDirigo 2011 “iPod Teletrauma- the $229 130M sq ft trauma room”, TEDxDirigo 2013, TEDxBermuda 2013, TEDxYouth@JBMHS 2013), FEI (Fron End Innovation 2013), Samsung Research Institute mHealth conference 2013, Doctors2.0 2013, Games for Health Europe 2013, Stanford MedX 2013, M3Exchange 2012, Annual Advocate Injury Institute Symposium 2012, NEAH (New England Alliance for Health) 2012, Maine Health Tele-health Symposium, 2010, 2011, 2012, Maine Committee on Trauma (MCOT) 2010, 2011, 2012, American Telemedicine Association (ATA) 2012, Maine STEM Collaborative Summit 2012, Maine Health Systems, Cerner Health Conference 2011, Maine Telemedicine Summit 2010, 2011, 2012.

I was invited as a faculty, speaker and hands-on skills instructor at the American College of Surgeons 2014 Clinical Congress in the session : “Telemedicine, The Rapidly Expending Field of Video-Based Telemedicine”.

I’m part of a excellent group surgeons, working in Bangor, Me. , for Eastern Maine Health Systems. Our team covers all Trauma and Acute Care Surgery cases at EMMC, along with ELECTIVE surgery, including ADVANCED laparoscopic and SINGLE PORT ACCESS (NO SCAR) LAPAROSCOPIC and Robotic Assisted techniques. Along with two other surgeons, I pioneered the development of the robotic assisted surgery program at EMMC, using a DaVinci/Intuitive robotic platform.

I’m currently applying Advanced Laparoscopic and/or  Robotic assistance, to minimally invasive, general surgery cases.

Our team was responsible for EMMC becoming the first hospital in Maine to ever obtain verification by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) as a Trauma Center, back in 2005

I’m part of the teaching staff, as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, at University of Vermont Medical School and at UNE Medical School.

14 thoughts on “My profile

  1. Hi Rafael,
    I am a French journalist living in NYC, currently writing about business applications for Google Glass. I’d like to ask you a few questions about MedRef for Glass and the potential of that kind of apps?
    How can I contact you?
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
    Charlotte Alix

  2. Hi Dr Grossmann we (Baltech Pty Ltd) are developing a 3D interactive haptic enabled total virtual human body simulation down to the tissue level of fidelity.The VH simulation is based on/uses real CAT/MRI scan data to construct the live ‘Virtual Human’. This outcome is not an animation nor an avatar. The VH Sim can be either gender, any age, alive or deceased, present dynamic ‘health issues’ ect. It has mobility, sound, personalisation ect. Would you be interested. We see the Google glass as one of many tools to access the VH Sim, for anatomy education, training, procedure preparation and practice ect.

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